Author Bio

My father provided a perfect example of a gambler – complete with missing important events, lack of home investment, and sabotaged relationships.  His children really didn’t understand what being a gambler was, but we definitely knew the effects.

As an adult, I despised the casino. I would go with my family sometimes, but it was never interesting to me. I hated the idea of casinos, because I knew how my father was and as an adult, despised the lost time with him.

Interestingly, at a low in my life, the thought of going to the casino seemed more appealing. I had been laid of from my job, and had no other options for employment. It was during a low place in my life that I embraced the habit of gambling. It started with going to local casinos – then rapidly turning to online gambling sites.

The gambling became more prevalent about a year and a half after I started. The casino became my down-time. It wasn’t until I realized how my life was being impacted that I sought out ways to kick the habit. I found many of the websites to be confusing and I didn’t feel like I could relate to  the content.

The idea for this website spurred from the frustration with continuing to lose money, and manipulation tactics used by casinos. I wanted to give those that may have a gambling habit a central source for resources to become empowered.

The content I provide is to not only help others, but also to help me. Keeping my habit under control and being an example for my followers is the motivation that keeps me on track.

Through my habit, I learned that positive self-reflection, goal-setting, celebrating successes and repetition in reminders, all play a part in moving back to a normal life.