Taking the Dive

[Cove member’s story.]

Starting over takes balls! You have to get to a point you are ready to make a change…a point that you are sick and tired of throwing your money away. 
I’m taking the plunge, why not join me? Even in my saying this, it frightens me to death. I continuously think about what I will do to fill my time. I usually go to the casino in my down time, when I’m bored. Now, I worry about what I can do. 

Many say that getting a replacement habit will do the trick. I then think about getting a really bad habit, like drinking. I’ve never been the type to get addicted to anything, but then there was gambling. Could I prevent getting hooked to something else?

I thought of sharing my story with The Cove and it feels really good. I know my fears are shared, I hope my taking this step will help others. 

If nothing else I find joy in in the idea that I am helping others. Stay tuned. I hope you will take this journey with me. 


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