When you get to a point that you are ready to take back the controls in your life, self-exclusion/self-banning may be a first step to support your journey to recovery.

What Is Self-Exclusion
“Self-Exclusion is a process that allows a person to request to be banned from all gaming facilities and to be prohibited from collecting any winnings, recovering any losses, and the use of any of the services or privileges of the facility.” 

There is a request form that can be completed to start the ban. The form must be notarized and submitted with a current headshot. At the time of request you must also specify a timeframe for which the ban will be effective. Time frames can vary, but 1 year, 5 years or lifetime time frames that are generally offered. 

Types of Self-Exclusion

Self-Exclusion programs can vary, but often offer options to self-ban from casinos online gambling, and may also include ATM blocking at casinos.

Why Self-Exclusion

During an active gambling addiction, many will justify actions associated with going to a casino. For instance, you may tell yourself that you will only take out a certain amount of money from your bank account. Or that you will only gamble a specific dollar amount. However, when in the gambling environment, impulsive behaviors take over, and the self-agreements are often compromised. Ultimately, the real goal is to avoid putting yourself in a tempting situation all together. 

Self-exclusion takes the choice out of your hands.  Ban requests are irrevocable, so there is no negotiating after the ban is in place. 

Is Self-Exclusion For You?

The ball is in your court with self-exclusion. If you are at a point that you feel you are not able to control your behavior, this may be the way to go. The question you have to ask yourself is, do you want change? Self exclusion is a tool offered to support you in your recovery. You just have to decide if you are ready for a change.

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