Getting a New Vision 

On the road to recovery, it is important to always visualize the new you.  Visualize how it would feel to be free of the uncontrollable hold gambling has on your life. Visualize how your life would be if you had full control of your finances. Visualize the person you want to be with you in the driver’s seat.

One good way to aid in visualization is to create a vision board. It does not take much to create a visual display of what you want your life to look like. You must however be prepared to examine yourself to get to the truth about your most desired outcome in life.

Step 1-Create the Vision: Begin transforming your life through visual imagery by first brainstorming how you want to see your life change. This step is required for any type of vision planning. You must create/know the vision before any work is done.

Use a notepad and pen to support this process. Write down 1-5 key areas of your life that you would like to focus on. Examples include health, love, work, finances, or family.

Step 2-Gather the Pieces: Once you have identified the key focus area(s) for your vision board, you can start collecting the pieces to use for your board.  Decide what the type of vision board you will put together.

Vision boards can be created by hand, using a piece of cardboard or poster board.  Or electronically, displayed by an electronic device. 

If you choose to create a vision board by hand, you will want to start collecting photos and words that align with your vision and focus areas. You can even surf the internet to find photos that can be printed for use. Don’t forget to get your poster board and tape or glue stick!

The pieces required for an electronic vision board are photos, which will ultimately be used in a slideshow for display. You may also scroll through the images manually using the swipe method. Please note that you will need some familiarity with using a computer, tablet or other electronic device. Create a folder to save all images the images you collect together.

When selecting images, try to select images that reflect recovery or change in your life. Remember, you want to create a visualization of what you want your life to be like – without a gambling addiction.

Step 3-Creating Your Board:

By Hand Method

Begin gluing the images you collected to your poster board. This does not need to be fancy, but make it visually appealing so that its easy to see each image.

Electronic Method

There are several ways to complete an electronic vision board. Once you have all the images needed saved to the same folder, you can now start adding the images to either a file presentation, or you can simply swipe through the images daily. 

With either method, it is critical to always remember what the end result, or goal, is with each image. Each image you’ve chosen should cause excitement, or should create an emotional reaction when you view it. This emotional reaction is a clue you’ve tapped into a true desire for your life.  


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