Do I have an addiction? A plea to the Cove

Sometimes it is hard to know if you really have a gambling addiction. It is difficult to know, because if you are in-fact a gambler, it is likely that you are negotiating with yourself about your activity, justifying your actions, and moving your finances around effectively to stay afloat. You have probably done a good job of hiding your habit from your family and others that are closely connected in your life.

Those with a gambling addiction must understand that the evidence will eventually surface. Without help, gamblers will run out of places from which to pull finances. In addition, the lethal behavior that accompanies the gambling addiction will ultimately exceed the resources available to the gambler, making it difficult to satisfy the craving. Like any other addiction, the person suffering from the addiction will grow immune to the levels that cause satisfaction, or the high.

If you suspect you have an addiction, you may also tell yourself you don’t need to tell anyone and you can correct the problem on your own. I am not saying this idea is impossible, however, it is probably the more difficult approach to addressing the issue.

Lastly, if you suspect you have a gambling addiction, you may have started the research to get help. Or, you have have taken the old faithful “do i have a gambling addiction” survey a couple times.

If any of these statements sound familiar, it is recommended that you seek out support to address the addiction and get the help and support you need to put yourself back in control.

As the author of this blog, I know these feelings all too well. As they say, “the struggle is real”. I know first-hand the self-negotiation, the financial swap around and coming to terms with the addiction.

For me, it was (and is) the sheer embarrassment that comes with admitting I have a problem. It is embarrassing to not have control in a situation…in life. In response, I ask that you look more long term. I ask that you give yourself a chance and those around you an opportunity to help you get to a better state.

Admitting you have an addiction does not make you weak, it is a sign of strength and accountability in your life. 

The Cove Supports You!


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